Welcome to Class 1

Class One is made up of Nursery and Reception pupils. We love learning together through play!

In Class One, learning takes place through a combination of child initiated activities, adult modelled play activities, independent challenges and focus activities led by an adult. We follow the children’s interests and fascinations. It is through all of these activities that the children are given opportunities to explore the prime areas (Personal & Social, Communication & Language and Physical Development) and the specific areas of learning (Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World and Expressive art & design) as identified in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

We have many areas of continuous provision which the children love to explore including a water, sand, role play, reading, fine motor, writing, maths, small world and construction area. These areas are developed and added to regularly with different resources which enable the children to continue building their skills. We also have many different themed activities set out each day to support all areas of learning. The children have daily free flow access to the indoor and outdoor provision all year round. It is through these opportunities that each child is able to build resilience, perseverance, self-confidence, independence and self-esteem.

Here are a few of Class One’s favourite things;

“We love to write.”

“We love to do art.”

“I like to play at my school.”

“I like listening to stories and retelling them.”

“I like it all set up and ready to play with.”

“We love exploring.”

“ I like role playing stories.”

“I like it when my mummy comes to play at school.”

“Forest school is great. I really like it out there.”

“Playing with friends is one of my favourite things.”

“The book area is nice.”

“We do lots of cooking.”

“Relaxation stories make me feel calm.”

“I like visiting Colton park.”

“The construction area is fun.”

“I like the mud kitchen.”

“I like going to worship.”

"We love PE!"