How Monster Phonics Works | Monster Phonics


In Key Stage 1 we follow the Monster Phonics Scheme for teaching reading and spelling. 

Year 1 spellings follow the Letters and Sounds Phase 5 phonics scheme. Children will have 10 spellings a week to practice at home. Please also practice any other words containing the sounds that we are learning.

Monster Phonics categorises the sounds in the English language into 10 monsters. These monsters will be a huge part of your child's learning. Please look at them at home and talk about the monsters together. Here is a link to a video that introduces the monsters: 

The poster below is what we are using in the classroom to learn the sounds each monster makes.

For the first Autumn half term, children will be learning to read and spell the Common Exception Words for their year group. Common Exception Words are words that don't always follow the rules we learn for spelling and reading. Year 1 children will have 5 spellings a week and Year 2 will have 7 spellings a week. Spelling tests will be on a Monday morning and spelling scores will be written in the back of children's reading diaries. Please practise reading and spelling these words with your children at home. The powerpoint below lists all of the Common Exception Words for each year group using the Monster Phonics colours. This link gives you some lovely ideas for learning spellings at home:


In Year 1 children are expected to learn the 100 High Frequency words. These are words that appear frequently in our reading and writing. Below is a poster of these words using the Monsters to categorise them.

Class 2 spellings

Class 2 spelling resources