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Homework for both Year 1 and 2 will consist of: 

  • Spelling practice - Please learn to spell and read the weekly spellings at home. Spellings follow the Monster Phonics Scheme and we learn the sounds in class each week. Spelling tests will be on Mondays and scores will be written in children's reading diaries.
  • How Monster Phonics Works | Monster Phonics
  • Reading – Reading at home is extremely important for children’s fluency, comprehension and love of reading. Please read at least five times and week and record it in children’s reading diaries. Books will be changed weekly when diaries have been signed to say that children have read. Children who have read 5 times a week will receive a house token to put towards their house's points. 
  • Reading Record Books 8"x 6½" (203x165mm) Yellow - Paper Plus
  • Education City - As a school, we have a subscription to Education City. As we move into new units in maths, I will release work that corresponds to each new unit. I will also release phonics/reading activities regularly. I will post on the blog to tell you when new activities are available. The website can be accessed here: https://www.educationcity.com/ or via the downloaded app.
  • Classbased Education City #parenthub — Sutton School
  • Big Maths - Each child has a Big Maths login. Please support your child to log in weekly and complete the maths test that is on the website. They are fun, interactive and easy to use. We website can be accessed here: https://www.bigmaths.com/
  • Big Maths | Mastery and Fluency in Small, Simple Steps

Please support your child to fly like an eagle by taking the time to complete homework with them.Eagle in sky silhouette - Transparent PNG & SVG vector file


In June, Year 1 will take part in a Phonics Screening Check. Due to the COVID-19 school closures, Year 2 children will be required to take the Phonics Screening Test in the second half of the Autumn term. They will be required to read 20 real and 20 psuedo words containing the sounds that we have been learning in school. Please use the activities below to help your child at home. Monster Phonics also have a range of phonics games available: https://monsterphonics.com/games/ and free worksheets/wordsearches that children could complete at home: https://monsterphonics.com/free-phonics-worksheets/


Phonics resources

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