Spellings will still be tested on a Monday but will be taught each day in school to further support the children in their understanding of the rules and patterns. 3 words from the Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Word List will also be tested on a Monday. These words will be chosen each week from the writing done in class.

Please note that most of the children in the class will be now following the spellings below, unless they are given other spellings on a Monday to take home. 

Test dates and spellings. 

Year 3              
Test date 24/4 Test date 2/5 Test date 9/5 Test date 15/5
Words ending in '–ly'; exceptions Challenge Words Words ending in ‘-er’ when the root word ends in (t)ch. Words with the /k/ sound spelled ‘ch.’
truly   address   teacher   scheme  
duly   arrive   catcher   chorus  
pulicly   certain   richer   chemist  
daily   experience   stretcher   echo  
slyly   history   watcher   character  
shyly   mention   dispatcher   stomach  
fully   occasionally   butcher   monarch  
wholly   probably   preacher   school  
coyly   reign   cruncher   anchor  
happily   sentence   scorcher   chaos  
Year 4              
Test date 24/4 Test date 2/5 Test date 9/5 Test date 15/5
Challenge Words Homophones – words which have the same pronunciation but different meanings and/or spellings. The /s/ sound spelt c before ’i’ and ‘e’. The ’sol word family’ and ‘real word family’ words.
group   scene   circle   solar  
height   seen   century   solution  
particular   whose   centaur   soluble  
potatoes   who’s   circus   insoluble  
separate   affect   princess   dissolve  
surprise   effect   voice   real  
through   here   medicine   reality  
various   hear   celebrate   realistic  
though   heel   celery   unreal  
woman   heal   pencil   realisation  

Class 3 can use the Spelling Shed website at home to practice their spellings! 

Chromebooks or iPads can be made available at lunchtimes if children are unable to access Spelling Shed at home. Please just ask. 

Your username and password will be stuck into your reading diaries. Please make the most of this wonderful resource. 



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