Our policies are rooted in our Christian vision and the overarching principle that we are all God's children. Our policies aim to allow our children, parents and other stakeholders to belong to a school with love, respect and friendship rooted in its ethos. To be a part of a school where everyone is valued and cherished. 

'People are made in the image of God. All of us, without exception, are loved and called in Christ. ….The way forward needs to be about love, joy and celebration of our humanity; of our creation in the image of God, of our belonging to Christ – all of us, without exception, without exclusion.'

Archbishop of Canterbury 2017

Church of England schools have at their heart a belief that all children are loved by God, are individually unique and that the school has a mission to help each pupil to fulfil their potential in all aspects of their personhood: physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually. Our aim is that all may flourish and have an abundant life. Schools have a duty to try to remove any factor that might represent a hindrance to a child’s fulfilment. We want all pupils to willingly engage in learning in a safe and welcoming environment. (All God's children 2019)

Our policies have these words in mind. 

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