10 September 2020

Image of Phonics WC7.9.20

This week Year 1 have been recapping the graphemes they learnt in Reception. We have looked at:

nk (think, bank)

ll (pull, full)

ff (stiff, fluff)

zz (buzz, jazz)

ck (chick, trick)


Year 2 have been learning new graphemes. They are: 

dge (sledge, bridge, fridge)

g (magic, gem, giant)


Please practise look at these graphemes at home with your children. 

Ideas for activities: 

-Spotting objects out and about that contain those sounds

-Sorting words into the correct spellings/sounds

-Spotting words with these graphemes as you are reading

-Write words containing these sounds and children draw pictures to match

Category: Class 2

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