17 September 2020

Image of Phonics WC14.9.20

This week Year 1 have been learning about the 've' and 'ai' sounds in phonics. 

Words to practise reading and writing at home are: 

give, have, love, live


Year 2 have been learning about silent letter sounds this week. They have focussed on 'kn'.

Words to practise reading and writing at home are:

knight, know, knife, knew, knock, knot


Monster Phonics have opened up their planning and resources to all parents of schools that sign up to the programme. Please familiarise yourself with this at home. We are all working on Term 1, week 2 at the moment. There are wordsearches, stories, songs and videos to watch that relate to each week's sound. It would be extremely beneficical for both Year 1 and 2 to be taking part in these activities at home. 


Here is your parent login:

Username: parents

Password:  homelearning

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