25 September 2020

Image of Phonics WC21.9.20

This week Year 1 have been learning the Angry Red A sound spelt using 'ai'

Words to practise reading and writing:

train, brain, drain, pain, paint, rain, aim, sail, rainbow, snail

Year 1 have also been learning the 'oi' sound which is a golden Tricky witch spelling.

Words to practise reading and writing:

boil, oil, coin, join, soil, toilet


Year 2 have been learning silent ghost spellings

'gn' - gnaw, gnat, gnome, gnash

'wr' - write, wrote, wrong, wrap, wreck

Here is a crossword to complete using the 'wr' spelling https://monsterphonics.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Crossword-unprotected.pdf

Category: Class 2

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