15 January 2021

Image of Class 2 Home Learning 15.1.21


Good morning Class 2



9am via Google Meet

Year 1- meet.google.com/zoy-cayh-xbx

Year 2- meet.google.com/mox-hmyr-nvs




11am via Google Meet

Year 1 and 2 - meet.google.com/mox-hmyr-nvs


Today we’re going to continue our retelling of The Way Back Home by writing the middle part of the story.




1pm via Google Meet

Year 1 - meet.google.com/zoy-cayh-xbx

Today we will read some words using sounds from this week and read a Monster Phonics story.


Year 2 - meet.google.com/mox-hmyr-nvs

Today we will revise some word cards with spelling rules from the week and read a Monster phonics story.



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