4 January 2021

If St Mary's closes due to COVID, we remain committed to ensuring the very best outcomes for our children. We wish to work with you to extend the provision given to your child by providing more direct teacher input. To support you with this, we have invested in Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is an educational tool, which will be used strictly for educational purposes. Each class has a page, which includes work for pupils to complete at home, links to helpful websites and educational videos to enhance our provision. It also provides a platform for pupils to keep in touch with their teacher during the scheduled lessons, which is so important whilst children are working remotely.

All of the children at St Mary's have been set up with a Google account. If you have problems accessing the Gmail account please contact the school office.

We understand that using such programs can be tricky, so please view the support videos put together by our MAT school Anson and documents below: 


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