18 October 2019

During the week commencing Monday 21st October we will be learning is all around the theme of autumn.

On Monday we will be heading out into the village on an autumn walk to see what autumn treasures we can find. We will make autumn crowns and sing some autumn songs while we are out and about. The reception children will write about their autumn adventure and the nursery children will explore mark making and drawing pictures of their autumn adventure. This week we will also make autumn themed biscuits (as requested by the children!) and develop our number skills further by counting, finding one more and one less, and finding the total amount of autumn objects we find. 

There will be plenty of other autumn themed activities set up for the children to explore. They can count autumn objects onto the trees and match the numeral, explore autumn treasures, make pumpkins and print autumn treasures in dough, order pumpkins by size, explore pumpkins and describe them, paint with pasta broomsticks, explore the autumn small world area, dress the children for the seasons and create their own potions.

It is our parent stay and play on Wednesday morning starting at 9am until 9:45am. Please join us if you can for lots of learning through play!

In phonics, the reception children have now learnt the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,d,m,g,o,c,k and ck. This week we will continue to embed these sounds through lots of exciting reading activities. We will continue to learn the phase 2 tricky words.

The Nursery children will continue to have lots of fun learning exploring phase 1 phonics. They will learn more about sounds, songs and rhymes, stories and rhyming. 

Posted by Mrs Coleman Harris

Category: Class 1

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