23 October 2019

Image of Our first parent stay and play!

Today we invited our families to come and play with us! We played inside and outside. We built conker rolls, played in the autumn tray, painted autumn pictures, ordered pumpkins by size, hammered sticks into pumpkins, we drew pictures and played with the small world resources. We had so much fun. Thank you to all that attended. 

Here is is what you said about our stay and play;

"It was really nice to see how the children have settled into class and how well they interact with their friends and teachers."

"Amazing to see such a wide range of fun and educational activities on offer."

"I felt so welcome I did not want to leave."

"A safe environment and full of compassion."

"The provision is beautiful and so well thought out. It is clear that the children get so much from it and are constantly learning through it."

Thank you!

Posted by Mrs Coleman Harris

Category: Class 1

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